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Cracking Cancer’s Genetic Code

One of the strengths of LMC’s network of medical experts is the access it gives us to information on the latest advances in treatments. In cancer care, one of the most exciting recent developments is genomic-based diagnostic testing. And now at LMC, we’re working with the world’s leading provider of genomic-based diagnostic tests to offer our patients smarter cancer care.

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Through this service, patients can now access an expanding suite of tissue and liquid-based tests to answer specific questions across the patient journey—from diagnosis through treatment and ongoing cancer management. More than 800,000 breast, colon, and prostate cancer patients have now used genomic-bases diagnostic testing worldwide.

The process works by screening a patient’s tumour mutations against hundreds of other mutations to work out which would be the most effective and targeted treatment. This could lead to a patient having access to a drug not necessarily licensed in that cancer type, often through a clinical trial.

Dr Daniel Krell one of LMC’s network of experts, explains, "Advances in our understanding of tumour mutations now means that a number of gene expression tests can be used to guide treatment decisions. These tests enable oncologists to open up potential treatments options for cancer patients, often after first line treatments have been "exhausted". This can be particularly beneficial for patients with cancers where standard treatment options are limited or in cancers that prove more chemotherapy resistant. Whilst genetic testing is in its infancy in the UK, this pioneering approach will be vital in helping us to improve and advance cancer treatment now and in the future."

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