London Medical Concierge is pleased to be able to provide International Arrival Testing for all travellers to the UK. We can also provide your Fit to Fly, Day 5 Test to Release scheme, as well as 3 hour rapid result testing.

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31 Jan

London Medical Concierge (LMC) opened its doors for business on Monday 23rd January, with an official launch event in the Pompadour Room at the Hotel Cafe Royal that displayed the company's passion and drive to help patients receive the right treatment by offering innovative and fast guidance through all areas of medical care. Nearly 200 people attended the launch, eager to meet Kirsty Ettrick, CEO and Founder of LMC, and learn about the journey that led her to set up London Medical Concierge. Her speech outlined her personal experience and highlighted her determination to help patients and families struggling to navigate their way through medical treatment. Kirsty spoke poignantly about the patients that LMC has already helped and how much it means to be able to help find answers and give reassurance about their treatment. 

Kirsty told guests, "I think it's important for patients to be allowed to express their intentions and be understood. When my husband, Neil, was diagnosed with a complex and aggressive tumour, it was all we needed - to see the committment from the doctors and know that we had tried everything possible. Since Neil's death, this has helped my grief enormously, knowing no stone was unturned in our crusade to save him. I am very passionate in the belief that patients should be allowed whenever possible to create their own journey." 

LMC offers a reassuring new option for patients searching for care in 2017. The team is committed to helping each individual, whatever the enquiry, access the correct medical expert, fast and at an accessible cost. Over the next few months, our team will be working tirelessly to create a seamless transfer of care for patients - whether it's a direct referral to a specialist, transfer to a cancer clinic or to our partner GPs.  We're looking forward to starting the LMC journey and providing personal support to all our future patients and their families...

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