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LMC Patient Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

12 May

The family of one of our young patients, 38 year-old Sophia Preston-Saunders, have set up a crowdfunding campaign to help fund pioneering immunotherapy treatment, which is not available on the NHS – once she has finished a course of standard chemotherapy.

Sophia came to LMC for a second opinion following a difficult cancer journey, having been diagnosed in September 2016 with advanced stage cervical cancer, despite regular health checks and screenings.

In fact, Doctors had actually spotted a small growth after a regular smear test eight years ago and removed it.  Despite being carefully monitored via annual screenings, and given a number of clear routine cervical smears, Sophia discovered to her horror that not only had the cancer returned, but it was very advanced stage. Having left the cervix it has started to travel toward both her kidneys and is also in her lymph glands.

Sure that hospital doctors and a GP missed several ‘red flag’ warnings that her cancer had returned leaving her with a shocking diagnosis that she was terminally ill, Sophia sought help from LMC last month in the hope of gaining a second opinion from a supportive specialist.

Mr Jon Krell, gynaecological oncologist comments, “Sophia’s care has been badly managed. She is in a difficult situation but I’m going to do the best to help her. Immunotherapy looks to be her best option.”

The cost of immunotherapy for one year is estimated to be £100,000 – so Sophia’s family are turning to the generosity of GoFundMe donators for financial assistance which may help to prolong her life. 

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