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LMC launches new health screening service to help you make your wellbeing a priority this year

15 Jan

Improving health and wellbeing is at the top of many people’s New Year’s Resolution list. And to support people in their quest to take control of their health in 2018, London Medical Concierge has launched a new health screening programme for its patients.

Health screening is an important and highly effective way to provide reassurance about your overall physical wellbeing.  A range of sophisticated scanning techniques can now be used to help identify elevated risk factors or initial stages of disease, where symptoms have yet to appear. If a problem is identified through screening, it is more likely that early treatment can be offered.

At London Medical Concierge we work closely with experts in the field of preventative health screening enabling us to offer this vital service to our patients. All health screenings will start with a GP appointment to discuss each patient’s personal medical history and to address any health concerns. Following an in-depth medical review and discussion with the GP, a bespoke programme of scans will be developed for you.

At LMC, we’re introducing this vital new service with a number of scanning packages including the GP Health Screen (in-depth GP consultation, blood tests and a cardiac check via an ECG), Health Essential (incorporating an additional ultrasound of the abdomen), Complete Body Scan with Cardiac Review (with additional diagnostic tests such as MRI brain scan and a CT lung scan).

We’re also offering a ground breaking new screening test – CT Colonography (Virtual Colonoscopy). It is a less invasive alternative to traditional colonoscopy, offering many benefits to patients; avoiding sedation, requiring fewer laxatives and less disruption to work and home life.   The technique examines important organs which surround the bowel helping to rule out aortic aneurysm, lymphoma or abnormalities of the kidneys, pancreas, ovaries, liver and spleen.

For more details and costs of our health screening packages, visit the Services page.

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