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HEALTH: Call the experts

10 Apr

Fantastic interview in today's You Magazine with our CEO and Founder Kirsty Ettrick and Professor Justin Stebbing!...

By Sarah Stacey for The Mail on Sunday

LMC is the brainchild of mother-of-four Kirsty Ettrick, following the death of her husband Neil from cancer. After his diagnosis in 2014, Kirsty ‘spent hours every night researching and calling experts worldwide to find the right medical pathway’. The search led Kirsty to Professor Stebbing, who ‘recognised that giving up was never an option for us’. Sadly, Neil died in late 2014.

The concept of LMC ( is to give patients and their families a quick, direct route to experts across a range of physical and mental conditions. ‘I wanted to lift the burden for people in a similar situation to mine,’ says Kirsty. When she approached Professor Stebbing for help, he agreed immediately. ‘This enables doctors to treat patients as we would like our own families to be treated. The problem with the NHS is the lack of speed. LMC can help in stressful circumstances by making a diagnosis quickly.’

Among the services LMC offers is fast-track second opinions, something that resonates with many people as you have no legal right to a second opinion on the NHS. According to NHS Choices, ‘You can ask your GP, consultant or hospital unit for a second opinion and a healthcare professional will consider your circumstances and whether one is needed.’

A key stipulation for both Kirsty and Professor Stebbing was that LMC should come at a price that is accessible to many people. An initial treatment plan by a team of leading experts to rapidly identify the most appropriate specialist is £195, plus VAT (the specialist’s fee is separate). More than 100 top health professionals are signed up and often see patients within 48 hours. ‘Our care doesn’t end after patients pay us,’ emphasises Kirsty. ‘After the appointment we check to see how it went, and patients can call us at any time.’ I would not hesitate to use this service myself and suggest it to family and friends.

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