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Beat the January Blues

05 Jan

The start of a New Year can be a time for self-reflection with many people taking on New Year’s resolutions for the year ahead. Looking back on the past year can sometimes turn into the “January Blues” if you haven’t achieved or accomplished what you may have hoped in the past year.

There are lots of reasons why January can be a difficult time for people, and the third Monday of January has been awarded the title of “Blue Monday”. This is due to a combination of post-Christmas and back-to-work blues, cold, dark nights and the arrival of unpaid credit card bills. This year, Blue Monday falls on January 15th.

For many already living with mental health issues, January can be a very isolating period with a feeling of having nothing to look forward to. It is important to acknowledge the difficulties that arise and seek professional help when needed.

We’ve asked our specialists at London Medical Concierge for their expert guidance on managing your mental health and wellbeing in order to beat the January Blues:

  • Talk about your feelings: Lots of your friends and family will be going through the same or similar feelings, and you may not realise it. Find someone to talk to such as a trusted friend and confide in them about how you feel. If the first person you talk to doesn’t understand, try someone else. There are people out there who want to help and support you.
  • Keep active: Exercise is vital at this time of year, and is one of the best ways to fight depression and improve your mood and wellbeing. You may not feel like doing exercise but will feel much better after, due to the release of endorphins within your body. You don’t have to join the gym, just going for a brisk walk at lunch time is enough to get your positive hormones flowing.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help: If you are experiencing constant feelings of depression for more than a couple of weeks, or find yourself trying to feel good via self-destructive method such as excessive drinking, then make an appointment to see your GP to discuss what you are feeling and what you can do about it.
  • Start a new hobby or club: Joining a club or taking up a new hobby can be a fantastic way to meet new people, get you out of the house and discover something that you enjoy. This could be joining a running club, choir or taking dance classes.
  • Beware of New Year resolutions! People start making New Year’s resolutions because of something they haven’t achieved in the past year. Common ones tend to be vague and difficult, for example; save money, lose weight or be more organised. When they fail and break their resolutions it makes them feel worse about themselves. If you’re going to make a resolution, make sure it’s one you can manage and measure.

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