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Dr Christina Choy

Breast Specialist Consultant Surgeon

Dr Christina Choy is Breast Specialist Consultant  Surgeon currently working at private practices. She is a very experienced Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon specializing in breast cancer surgery with oncoplastic approach and breast reconstruction.  Miss Choy is very experienced in offering breast screening, family history cancer risk assessment and a wide range of benign breast conditions and diagnostic one stop breast assessment. Miss Choy provides recent advanced technology using wireless localization in breast cancer and lesion removal surgery using Magseed, Scurvi Scout and Localizer. 

Dr Choy graduated with Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degrees from the University of Sydney. Choy undertook her postgraduate speciality training across well-known centres in various countries such as Australia, Hong Kong and UK including St Bartholomew’s Hospital and the Royal Marsden Hospital before taking on consultant post as locum at St Bartholomew's, King's College and Newham General Hospital. 

Dr Christina Choy has involved in research regarding the genetic aspect of breast cancer by studying gene arrays and studying data of Afrocarribean young women with breast cancer. She also studies ethnic barriers affecting women in accessing to early breast cancer diagnosis and aim to resolve barriers to allow easier access to medical care. Dr Choy is fluent in English and Chinese - Cantonese.