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A message from our founder

Navigating your journey through medical treatment can be complex, daunting and, at times, a search with either too few or too many answers. London Medical Concierge was founded to provide an independent, impartial service, helping to relieve patients and their families of the time-consuming and emotionally draining search to find the most appropriate medical doctors and treatments.

Having battled myself to find options for my husband, Neil, when he was diagnosed with cancer , I understand more than others, just how difficult it can be to find the right medical care. I spent hours every night researching and calling experts all around the world to try and find more options and time for him and our young family. I became torn between spending as many precious hours as possible together, and finding the right medical pathway.

My own experience made me determined to help make a difference to patients seeking treatments. I wanted to help others in a similar situation and lift the burden, time, anxiety and emotional challenges faced when searching for medical options.

Since London Medical Concierge was launched, our service has helped many patients and their families, re-enforcing my instinct that the need for this service was very real. Our Clinical Advisory Team has grown, our doctor network and hospital partners have grown extensively to over 250 Doctors in over 40 medical specialities.

Alongside our individual patients and members locally, we assist many international patients and we now offer bespoke medical management for corporate employee benefits and family offices worldwide.

The success of London Medical Concierge is a credit to our wonderful and dedicated Patient Liaison Team.

All of the testimonials you will find on our site are from real patients and family members. Listening to how my team and our amazing doctors have managed to change their prognosis never ceases to touch me personally.

Kirsty Ettrick Founder

London Medical Concierge is a proud supporter of Winston's Wish

Winston's Wish is the leading childhood bereavement charity in the UK.

We offer practical support and guidance to bereaved children, their families and professionals.

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