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Patient Management

This is what we do!

We look after our patients personally from your first contact. We understand that medical treatment can be complex and we are here to navigate on your behalf. We believe your treatment should be bespoke and that you are not a number, everything we do is personalised to your needs.

We work together with your chosen specialist, their team of nurses and administrators so you don't have to. We seek the most convenient times for consultations, arrange for any notes to be reviewed.

Our team are also on hand to help with travel arrangements, domestic help and bespoke requirements. 

Services Benefits

  • Dedicated care team.
  • Comprehensive patient management.
  • Priority access to your specialist.
  • No need for GP referral.
  • Regular updates and assistance with your treatment.

My husband had shown symptoms of a slight stroke so our GP referred us to our NHS Hospital for an MRI scan and blood tests. The results eliminated a stroke, however, the consultant suggested it was likely to be Peripheral Neuropathy. Unfortunately we were not able to get the answers we needed and my husband was left feeling low and desperate. We contacted the wonderful team at London Medical Concierge, who in turn quickly arranged an appointment for us within the week with a wonderful Harley Street Neurologist for a second opinion. The initial diagnosis of Peripheral Neuropathy was quickly ruled out, my husband is now awaiting further results to eliminate other possibilities.  We Highley recommend LMC and will definitely be using their services again.


London Medical Concierge were an absolute lifesaver for me. I came down with the flu during a particularly stressful week of exams. I found LMC online and gave them a call. Immediately I felt that I was in good hands - The team including my patient manager Kim were incredibly kind, thoughtful and considerate on the phone, and worked quickly to explain the service and mobilise finding a doctor for me. The Doctor in turn, was equally kind and gentle, offered quick and effective medical support and even arranged for my prescription to be delivered to me later that day. Both Kim and Dr. Saweirs followed up with me the next day to check in on my condition and offer words of support. 

I cannot recommend this service enough. The team is professional, conscientious and efficient, in addition to being truly kind and caring. They really make me feel supported and listened to in a time of need. It is a truly invaluable service. 

Thank you again and all the best! 

Whilst visiting the UK for Christmas, I became unwell with a fever. I contacted the compassionate team at London Medical Concierge who arranged a wonderful GP to deliver a consultation at my hotel within 90 minutes of our initial conversation. I am now able to enjoy the remainder of my stay thanks to the efficient and caring service London Medical Concierge provided.

Nevada, USA

I approached London Medical Concierge (LMC) about having a second opinion concerning my secondary cancer. LMC quickly organised an appointment with a Specialist Oncologist, one who is involved in cancer research at the Royal Free Hospital. I was very impressed with the Consultant as he discussed my condition with me and provided me with very useful information about my cancer including possible treatments in the future. Based on this very positive experience I would highly recommend that anyone suffering with cancer should approach LMC about having a second opinion.

John Maguire

A dear friend of mine called Elenor who lives in Australia has been diagnosed with cancer - she has a 5 year old boy and a 4 month old baby - so her life has been chaotic and she has had to deal with huge life challenges.  She desperately needed a 2nd opinion as to what treatment would be the best for her after being told that the chemo drugs she had been given had not worked to reduce the tumours. She could not go anywhere for a 2nd opinion as she had just had a double mastectomy and was suffering from an infection.  

I was at a loss as to how to help as I live in UK - it was then that I saw an article in a Sunday newspaper about the London Medical Concierge.  I contacted Kirsty who is the founder and explained Elenor"s situation.  That was the best and most wonderful thing I could have done to help Elenor.  It is difficult at this time to find someone to talk to who is both professional and who very importantly has empathy.  Her experience in this field is priceless.  She understood exactly what Elenor was going through and suggested that Elenor email her medical records which she would then pass on to a leading oncologist for a 2nd opinion.  She did all this in a very short space of time and was always there to talk to me and reassure me that their team would give her the best possible advice.  After the medical review, she called Elenor in Australia and spent a long time discussing all that had been said.  Elenor was so overwhelmed with the support and love shown to her by Kirsty.

If anyone is dealing with cancer and does not know what way to turn or what the best treatment options are then please do not hesitate to

Janet LoweKings Lynn, Norfolk

Thank you all again for your unquestioning compassion for us and for trying to help us find a treatment. 


A friend recommended this service to the family as we were struggling to find the best care for my fathers Liver issues. One call and we had our specialist consultation the same day!

It transpires my father had been misdiagnosed for 2 years!

This service is truly invaluable, my fathers quality of life has changed dramatically. We are forever grateful.

Sarah PotterReading

We contacted the LMC when our dear friend with terminal cancer was in hospital, having contracted sepsis. They began gathering expert opinion and advice and guided us on how best to help him.

It was torturous knowing he was not being cared for the way he deserved. LMC understood our goal and worked utterly tirelessly to get him under their care.

Within 24 hours, his existence transformed. He was pain free, attended to with respect and genuine kindness. He was seen by a senior oncologist who ran tests that others had failed to do, which allowed a new course of action to be taken. Most importantly, he felt cared for and of value. He was enjoying his food and his surroundings, he sounded positive about his situation and strong enough to face the road ahead. That is priceless to those who love him. Within a week, he was discharged to be treated as an outpatient.

Throughout all, we have been kept updated and have benefited enormously from the unique link between doctor and patient. It is as good as it gets.

Anonymous Client

I contacted the London Medical Concierge Company in early September after being diagnosed with a liver abnormality by my GP. They found a leading consultant hepatologist immediately and an appointment was available in 2 days. The speedy, professional personal service was very reassuring at a very worrying time. I would not hesitate to use this excellent service again and would highly recommend the company to anyone seeking first class specialist medical help.


Having lived abroad as an expat for 13 years, I had no idea where to turn for medical advice upon my return to the UK. When I found The London Medical Concierge my confidence was instantly restored. They listened attentively to my issue and recommended the right consultant for me. Fantastic. Definitely worth visiting!


Best service anywhere, EVER!!!

JBLos Angeles

Just had the best service from London Medical concierge, 2 separate medical referrals arranged in 30 minutes. Googling the doctors they recommended I am stunned they could see me so soon.

L WhitakerCambridge

I contacted London Medical Concierge after needing some specialist advice. The service I received was extremely quick and I had a referral to my preferred clinic with in 15 minutes. I can highly recommend London Medical Concierge for knowledge and experience and the impeccable discreet guidance.

L GreyLondon

I was in London with work and needed to see a doctor regarding my diabetes. I used this service and I was attended to by a phenomenal endocrinologist within 24 hours. A must for all travellers to the UK. Thank you for such great personal attention.

Heinrich KellerFrankfurt

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